The Fan Engagement Faculty was updated and revised in January 2017.

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I'm Andrew, "Musician's Web Keeper", a founder of the Dotted Music marketing agency and WeSpin, a growth training and community platform for musicians. Over the years, I've learnt what stops artists from building big and engaged audiences online: not knowing how to properly communicate on social media.


It's not about your abilities. Social media networking comes naturally to only a few artists. For the rest, it's something that needs to be learnt. And listen, I don't mean doing something you read online once. I mean learning to show up consistently, and to have fun and enjoy engaging your fans online.


It's done through practice and using the right tools, on a step-by-step and day-by-day basis until it becomes your new rockstar habit. I am going to show you how.


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Fan Engagement Faculty

A free, live, 3-week course for musicians, bands, producers, and DJs, by Andrew Apanov.

Sign up in the form above to enter an email-only course. You will be getting three emails per week, throughout three  weeks, and each email will consist of three sections:

A simple, specific task that can be completed in 5-10 minutes. What to post on Facebook today, who to reach out to on Twitter – you get the idea. Each task comes with explanations, animated gifs and templates.

An assignment

If you have 30 minutes that day rather than 10, follow the provided link and learn a new trick, or a tool. During the course, for the FEF subscribers only, I will be making selected WeSpin lessons completely free.

A link to a lesson

A worksheet

And if you want to get the most out of the program, you will be offered to fill out simple interactive worksheets. Answer the questions to receive a copy yourself, and for a (real) chance to get feedback from me.


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